Humans Vs. Zombies

Louisville Zombie Attack is hosting a Humans Versus Zombies match at Resurfaced (319 S. Shelby Street) on Saturday Sep. 16th!

Sign ups begin at 6pm with Matches at 8pm, 9pm, & 10pm.
Event Details here.

Humans Versus Zombies Rules:

About dozen participants per match.

Game starts with all players on the field. All players are Human except one player, called Patient Zero, that carries the Zombie virus.  A participant can volunteer to be Patient Zero, otherwise the Ref chooses a participant at random. The Identity of Patient Zero is unknown until the Patient touches a Human. The Human becomes a Zombie and ties a red arm band on. The Patient Zero can choose to be a Zombie and wear a red band or return to Human status.

Zombies try to catch Humans. Humans try to evade the Zombies (like flag football and Freezers Catchers mixed together sort of).

When a zombie touches a Human, the Human becomes a Zombie and puts on a red arm band.

Humans have the opportunity to KILL a Zombie if the Human can touch or grab the red arm band without the Zombie making contact first.

If a Human or Zombie crosses out of the marked play-field, the player is DEAD and leaves the game.

The last Human in the match wins the match.

Winners receive a Zombie Attack T-shirt. Sign ups open at 6pm at the Vinyl Swap booth.

Matches at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm with a championship match at the end if the winners from previous games would like.
Otherwise the Champion Zombie Attack Prize Box ($50 value) will be given at random to remaining winners at the end of the game.

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