What is Zombie Attack? 
Zombie Attack is an annual event (started in 2005) in Louisville Kentucky that falls on 8/29 every year.

Always on 8/29?
Rain or Shine, Weekend or Weekday. Like Christmas or Guy Fawkes Day (or Cinco De Mayo and Day of the Dead).

Is It a Zombie Walk?
Zombie Attack includes a Zombie Walk (about a mile through the heart of Louisville KY) but is very much more than that; it includes a wide ranging schedule of music, movies, art, and performance at several locations simultaneously. We normally have 3 or more locations as well as a street Fest with several stages and many bands and performers and costume contests as well as tens of thousands of participants. In the past we have worked with Dance Troupes, Ballet Companies, Burlesque Groups, make Up and Costume Professionals,  Rock Bands, Marching Bands, One Man Bands, and even a Robot Band.

How Much Does It Cost?
Zombie Attack has always been a free event, and open to everyone. We believe in a free and just society that is inclusive and we try and maintain these values in our events. It does get difficult as our numbers grow, so donations are always accepted. 

Everyone is welcome to join? 
Yes. anyone who is lawful is welcome, but remember it’s a long walk with thousands of people, so make sure you are up for it.

Even Kids?
Children are welcome as long as they are closely monitored, this is a massive public event. And please make sure your children are mature enough to deal with the content. If they can’t watch a Romero Film they may not be able to see it in the flesh.

Is It Safe?
We Work closely with the City of Louisville and it’s Departments including the Police, Traffic Safety, Emergency Medical Services, and Waste Management to ensure it is as safe and orderly as possible.

Why Zombies?
This event grew out of a birthday party for the two organizers who share a birthday (yep. 8/29). It was a themed birthday, Zombies. That’s How it began, and in keeping with historical fact, anyone is susceptible to becoming infected; young, old, big or small, no one is excluded.

What If I Have a Phobia of Zombies?
This won’t help.

Win A Wedding at Zombie Attack!

We are giving away a themed wedding at Louisville Zombie Attack curtesy of Crown The Day , Louisville based wedding planners that specialize...