August 29th is a precarious day in Louisville history, given from 2005-2015 it was a day of ghoulish celebration with Louisville Zombie Attack, after 2015 marred in mishandling, mismanagement, and a lawsuit brought on by John King against former partner Lynda Curtis who created the similar sounding Louisville Zombie Walk cosponsored with JB Productions. The years-long lawsuit finally reached a settlement early in 2020 with Curtis and Jason Beseman of JB Productions agreeing to dissolve Louisville Zombie Walk LLC, take down and the Louisville Zombie Walk Facebook page, and refrain from any zombie related business. The terms have been met although a company named Dark Elf Productions has procured in an effort to sell the URL. 

John King is selling the Louisville Zombie Attack namesake which includes the logo,, the Louisville Zombie Attack facebook page, and the Louisville Zombie Attack Instagram account. Any serious offer will be considered. Inquire here.

Zombie Attack For Sale

After 15 years, the last several wrapped up in lawsuits, we have decided to sell the Louisville Zombie Attack. Details here .