Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Scrambled ZombLe Brains

Welcome to our newly designed website. We were recently hit with malware and had to start again from scratch. This is nothing new in the cut throat world of zombie-related entertainment.

Fairly often we see fraudulent and misleading websites and accounts including this twitter account that looked suspiciously like ours except the word Zombie was misspelled as Zomble, as in @LouZombleAttack instead of @LouZombieAttack (our Official account). Confusing, and silly.. But we do our best to untangle this 'Zombled' mess so you won't have to, and we thank you for your continued support all these years.

Louisville Zomble Attack

Win A Wedding at Zombie Attack!

We are giving away a themed wedding at Louisville Zombie Attack curtesy of Crown The Day , Louisville based wedding planners that specialize...