Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The City Swings Back

After our press release last week explaining the situation of 'Louisville Zombie Walk' trying to trick the city into thinking they are the originators of Zombie Walking in Louisville we were excited to see so many people send us messages of support and encouragement.

We would also like to thank The Courier-Journal and WAVE 3 News for taking the time to unravel the confusing mess in order to get the truth out.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Situation

For Immediate Release Regarding Louisville Zombie Attack  Est. 2005

 It has come to my attention that Jason Besemann of JB Productions has begun soliciting donations on an online crowdsourcing campaign (https://www.gofundme.com/louisville-zombie-walk) in an attempt to raise $5,000 for the annual ‘Louisville Zombie Walk’ taking place on Saturday August 26th, beginning at Eastern Parkway and Bardstown road at 8:29pm.

This is not in any way affiliated or sanctioned by Louisville Zombie Attack that began at Eastern Parkway and Bardstown road at 8:29pm in 2005 and continued until last year when Besemann’s JB Productions held their own on August 27th, despite having no affiliation with Louisville Zombie Attack.

I am currently in a lawsuit against Besemann over this, but am disheartened at the thought that loyal patrons and local sponsors of Louisville Zombie Attack may be donating money to him not realizing that his event- which looks, mimics, and follows LZA’s decade long event plan- is in fact not Louisville Zombie Attack.

 The language included in his crowdsourcing campaign may very well lead readers into believing that this is our event with statements such as “The Louisville Zombie Walk has always been a FREE event to all attendees…” and “Each year the tally of attendees continues to climb as well as the costs involved and the demands of the city.”

 The Louisville Zombie Walk website (http://louisvillezombiewalk.com/) even uses a nearly identical logo and font, as well as their tagline “The End Is Neigh” is remarkably close to our “The End Is Neigh 8:29”. Also the ‘History’ page on their site had even said “The LZW (formerly Louisville Zombie Attack) began when 3 friends with the same birthday (August 29th), decided to organize a small zombie walk down Bardstown RD. in Louisville, Kentucky.” This page has since been taken down, but a screen capture is attached here, as well as a capture from the internet archive The Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20160730140852/http://louisvillezombiewalk.com:80/about-the-lzw/#content

 Despite Besemann’s blatant commandeering of the festival I had worked to keep alive for 10 years, He claimed in a May 9th response that Louisville Zombie Walk has not been advertised as a continuation of Louisville Zombie Attack. So far Besemann has not responded to any attempts to reach a settlement.

 Some of you may recall that in 2015 my former business partner had created a similar company called ‘Louisville Zombie Walk’ and ran the 2015 event (I was not involved), which incurred heavy fines from the city. During most of 2016 my former partner and I were in a lawsuit to determine the ownership of the event, which has since been settled, and I am now the sole organizer of Louisville Zombie Attack. But Besemann has vowed to throw his event on the last Saturday in August each year, effectively hijacking the event and stopping us from throwing ours on 8/29.

It has been a difficult journey over the last few years trying to hold onto an event that I had created and kept alive for over a decade from those who see money signs. It took many years and a lot of work to build Zombie Attack into the largest and oldest zombie walk, reaching as many as 40,000 participants a year, and so I ask you to please be careful of misleading events, websites, and advertising while we try and resolve this confusing issue.

 Please be advised that Jesse Besemann, JB Productions, Louisville Zombie Walk, and their sponsors are in no way affiliated with me or Louisville Zombie Attack.

Screen Shot of louisvillezombiewalk.com's history page from August 3rd 2016
Our Logo created by Bill Green in 2008

Screen shot of of louisville zombie walk's logo from May 10th 2017

Screen shot of Louisville Zombie Walk's catch phrase. Our's is 'The End Is Neigh 8:29'
Our Slogan

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Scrambled ZombLe Brains

Welcome to our newly designed website. We were recently hit with malware and had to start again from scratch. This is nothing new in the cut throat world of zombie-related entertainment.

Fairly often we see fraudulent and misleading websites and accounts including this twitter account that looked suspiciously like ours except the word Zombie was misspelled as Zomble, as in @LouZombleAttack instead of @LouZombieAttack (our Official account). Confusing, and silly.. But we do our best to untangle this 'Zombled' mess so you won't have to, and we thank you for your continued support all these years.

Louisville Zomble Attack

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Louisville Zombie Attack Lives!

Due to a recent malicious attack on our website we had to scrap it and start again. Please take a look at our brand new site and browse our information, history, and photos and video pages. Enjoy!

Zombie Attack For Sale

After 15 years, the last several wrapped up in lawsuits, we have decided to sell the Louisville Zombie Attack. Details here .